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Minnesota Mom Pleads Not Guilty For Treating Son's Pain With Medical Cannabis

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A mom in western Minnesota says she's not guilty for medically treating her son with marijuana. Her defense rejected an offer to settle the case in Lac Qui Parle County court today. That means her trial is expected to go forward. Angela Brown is charged with endangering a child. She says she has used cannabis oil to relieve her 15-year-old son's chronic pain and muscle spasms.

In August, Brown told WCCO that the oil was a lifesaver for her son. "No mother should have to hold their child so they don't hurt themselves," she said. "He didn't want to live." Her lawyer has asked for charges to be dismissed in light of the Minnesota legislature passing a law that allows the use of medical marijuana. That law does not go into effect until July 1, 2015.


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It takes a brave person to stand up against unjust laws thereby helping to change society for the better (The Kettle Falls Five case as well).
Mrs. Brown chose not to take a plea deal and rightfully pleaded Not Guilty because the manmade law she is supposed to have violated is superseded by a more fundamental law:
A mother protecting her young.
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