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Miracle Gro Plant food


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Hello 420mag,

I was wondering if Miracle Gro was good to use. I was thinking of buying the 5 lb. Water-Soluble All-Purpose Plant Food with a NPK ratio of 24-8-16 (I would use this for vegging stage)
And I would also buy Water Soluble Bloom Booster Flower Food with a NPK ratio of 15-30-15 (I would use this for flowering)
So do you guys think that is a good plant? Is Miracle Gro worth using? Please help. Thanks in advance.


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will they work?? yes. will you taste it? yes (if you dont flush)

back in the mid 80's we didnt have special nutrients for flowers,we had what we had and it worked, NEVER use what the bottles of M/G
have printed use 1/4-1/2..never use M/G soil if you can help it. The spread on what you listed,is a little low,24-8-16---it translates into
3-1-2,in my world I prefer--3-2-1 in veg and 1-2-3 in flower,

if you are looking for a cheap nutrient,that has been around forever and works well,I suggest jacks classic,they have been around for over 30 years,in the same price range as M/G


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I am thankful to now be a member of this coolmunity! I had always previously grown with Miracle Gro because it was 'easy' and honestly was just a combination of lazy and a nay-sayer on alternative products. I am so ready to move on and expand my options. I'm growing an autoflower strain - any experiences or thoughts re: impacts to an autoflower grow from using salt-based fertilizers like Miracle Gro (other than salt buildup, pH imbalance and lock out)? I've struggled with the flowering cycle in the latter half of my grows and wonder if the salt ferts may be contributing. Thanks for any info! cheers
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