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Miracle Gro soluble plant food


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hi guys just wanted a little bit of help regarding this stuff,is it any good is it safe to use,and can i start using it with seedlings.

my 2 plants are very small only 1 week old,


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I had no problems using it for outdoors last year. Start it off very diluted for seedlings. I used 1 tsp per 4 gallons water for seedlings, until they were about a foot tall, then went by the directions on the box for vegetables, lowering it again as i got close to flowering, and supplemented with a 0-50-10 nutrient for the last 3 weeks of flowering, eliminating the MG nutes completley.

Its not a bad nutrient to use if you're on a tight budget, make sure you FLUSH the hell outta the plant when you are close to harvest.
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