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Miracle Grow


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ok, picked this stuff up at walmart and it says that it is " liquid houseplant food" it has ALOT of nitrogen and different types, and some phosphate.

Should i give this a try or will it be a flop?


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Hi wants to grow, cheers bud, MG is a good product to grow things but it's a product for all plants, to grow sweeter buds and more resinouis flowers, not to mention better dialing in to the female sex, you must learn through trial and error which nutrients better supply what the growing cycle needs. I think it's more calcium introduced to your feeding regime that works best for the herb?
I use a prepackaged three part product, it makes life so much easier.
Genetic gardening makes you so much closer to your plant, it's like the plant and you come to a point where communication between you two becomes almost a symbiotic relationship.
you are on a path to marvelous discovery (beware of the blue meanies).


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MG is a fine fert to use for growing. Just use at half strengh. There are better nutes and ferts but why pay the extra buck if your just starting and want to see if growing is for you. I say give it a try.
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