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Mirror mirror on the wall will you grow better then them all?


Hey all,

I've wondered this for a while and was wondering if anyone has treid this idea out. Using mirrors instead of mylar, paint, etc. So the reason everyone lines their walls with a reflective coating is to direct the usefull light to the plants and not let it be absorbed by the walls. So since mirrors reflect almost all of their light, the reason you can see a reflection so clearly, would these be the BEST things to line the walls with? Not to mention that it would look like a never ending garden. If you have done this and have a pic of the garden i would love to see this.


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I have never tired this but have read many different things saying mirrors absorb light not reflect it. I'm sure it would look really cool but i doubt it would help the plants. White walls would be better than mirrors.


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This is a misconception. Mirrors do not reflect light evenly. I believe they have only ablut 65% reflectivity while white poly has 90% and mylar is around 95%. Using mirrors creates hot spots on the plants. White reflectors are better. Mirrors are the worst thing to use.... aside from black paint LOL.



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mirrors obsorb way more light than they reflect I cant remember the exactly percent but I know they obsorb well over 50 percent of the light at least
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