Mischa Barton Makes Ad for Medical Marijuana

Jim Finnel

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Mischa Barton has taken the high road in support of medical marijuana. The 21-year-old former O.C. star volunteered to appear in a public service announcement touting the medicinal benefits of pot. The ad, which is set to air on selected cable networks in March, opens with a shot of Ms. Barton cruising restaurant row on La Cienega Boulevard sucking on roll-up.

"Hi, I'm Mischa Barton. You wouldn't know it to look at me, but I used to suffer from anxiety attacks. Some days they were so bad I couldn't leave my house. I had to send one of my maids or my driver to run errands for me or to take Nicole to the tanning salon."

While other drivers pull around her on the right, Ms. Barton continues.

"Then I heard about the medical marijuana program, and it changed my life. Now when I'm feeling a little weird, I spark up a phatty, and I'm good to go.

"So don't let anxiety attacks or the paparazzi or the drizzling shits from chemotherapy harsh your mellow. If you've got it, smoke it; and if you want it, all you need is a note from a doctor."

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After slowing down for a green light, Ms. Barton adds through a cloud of smoke, "And if your doctor's a tight-assed old fart, just call 1-800-POT-DOCS for the name of a friendly physician near you.

"That's 1-800-767, no wait. It's 1-800-768-2, hee-hee-hee. I mean 1-800-768-35, oh fuck it, Just dial 411, tell 'em you want POT DOCS, and they'll finish the call for you.

"Medical marijuana. Don't leave home without it."

In other news, Mischa Barton was involved in a minor accident yesterday when she attempted to make a left-hand turn across two lanes of traffic from the right-hand lane. Ms. Barton, who was driving Nicole Richie's car at the time, told police the two drivers whose vehicles struck hers were at fault because "I had my turn signal on."


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Im guessing this is a joke? Haha. That would be a horrible example of a medical marijuana commercial.

Jim Finnel

Fallen Cannabis Warrior & Ex News Moderator
i'm thinkin' its real. this was basically about the interview. i don't think this is what would be used for the commercials. i hope. but its still a bad example of medical marijuana use and patients. i thought it was a funny article but not medical enough to post it in the med mj forum.


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That is a terrible way to promote legalization of medical marijuana. If anything show the person smoking more reasponsibly. Not some dumb ass driving around hitting a bowl and be like haha how do I type this number. This more or less will only be found funny by stoners and will not help a bit. Fuck stupid people! Nice idea terrible way to form your idea with a commercial.


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Hahaha now thast some funny shit!! :laughtwo::cheesygrinsmiley::laughtwo:
But yes it is a joke, at the bottom of the page it says

"The fine print: the editorial content on this page is fictional.
It is presented for entertainment purposes only. We cannot be
held responsible for the actions of anyone who takes this sort
of thing seriously."

But it is still funny :allgood:
That was a good one User.
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