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Mishap while flowering - Day 8


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Just made an LST blunder. A stem couldnt support the angle/weight I was aiming for and it snapped a few minutes after I walked away having set it up. I thought I heard something but with all the commotion in my room I didnt register it for a few minutes. I'm 8 days into flowering, but with no visible anything, but I know my plant is stressed to the max at this point.

Should I carry on flowering in 12/12 or move it into 18/6?? I dont know what to do. Ideally I would like to continue my 12/12 cycle and let her heal herself. I think flowering will take much longer if she heals herself. I have another plant in flowering with this one at the same start time.

I've wire-taped the stem as best as I could. The snap was pretty bad:

Heres the snap (sorry for the orientation, I thought I had that fixed before uploading)


And heres the tape seal. I've given the broken branch some lean support with another branch using a curtain clip.


Any suggestions with regards to flowering? I've been in veg for a good 3 months (custom soil grow) and I just finally got these babies into flowering and am a bit bummed if I have to move back into veg for the damaged one.
My backup option was to chop off that part of theh plant below the break, and turn that stem into a clone.


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Keep it going. In a week that break will be better,, that branch may suffer but, plants break in the wild. And, in my garden. I've broken them in flower,, yelled to fuck, then taped and supported. I wouldn't pull it, I think you'll risk more harm but I don't know what you have for plants and how your decisions are made. Good luck, it happens.


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I just noticed you have some growth before the break. I can't see the whole plant but you could snip before the new growth (your backup option)... That's a big hit,, but those lower sites should take off.... Looks like that branch was topped,,, you could snip let those lower ones go and focus on the other top.....Just another thought,.or two ;)


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...I don't know what you have for plants and how your decisions are made. Good luck, it happens.

I have a Crown Royale and Black Indica growing, of which the Crown snapped. If you notice there's another black tape joint in the background. That was a major break in the main stem in month 2. Luckily I happened to come across such articles prior and reacted quickly. That and having wiring tape on hand! It came through that as a whole, but it lost an entire stem on the left. The other stems went into overdrive and fattened the mainstem.

I'm just concerned that it will send her into some kind of 'hermie mode' under such stress in 12/12, or I get lucky and it heals with dome sacrifice to the slow growth while healing. Should I carry on flowering and hope got the best or take my chances through an extended veg stage to give it time yo heal. I'm just afraid either option might turn it to a hermie. Perhaps I'll wait and see otherwise trim near the lower growth as suggested.

Thanks a heap!
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My suggestion would be continue forward keep going your plant is healthy it could possibly add a week or two to the flower period idd say not to much longer some may disagree but i think you should keep flowering just keep support there till it heals. Good luck.


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Yeah, I agree with Boss1. They are tough plants. After thinking twice I might cut it off and move on, but I wouldn't pull from flower.


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Your plant will be fine and the break may actually stimulate it some what. I can help but ask what lighting you have on it because it looks like it needs more.


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Don't sweat it bro...If you haven't snapped a major branch you haven't been growing long.

They will recover just fine.

This one turned out fine and that was the base of the plant :)

Think I'm having a meltdown!

I have done worse on more critical spots and they recover just fine.

But it does feel like a kick in the bawllz...

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