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I have a Medical Marijuana card for my state due to the way my life has been. Bumps, bruises and broken bones. Thats why I'm called "Mishap". It's a very long story and I won't bore you with the details but I use to keep my long haul driver friends awake for many hours with my life stories. I'm not driving anymore though, can't take the bumpy ride, so I stay home and take care of my husband. He can't be alone for long periods of time due to advanced Hep C. (Please no pity party's, life goes on no matter what it throw's at you.)
I grow for my husband and I'm hooked on the smell of the growing plants.:yummy: That's my only vice I guess.

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Welcome to the forums of 420Magazine,
Thank you for joining 420 mission to spread cannabis awareness... :yummy:

I'm hooked on the smell of the growing plants.

I love the smell of Cannabis growing.. My wife and I have our own business and I can't have my house smelling like Cannabis...So I go and sit in my grow rooms and smoke bowls/joints some times, I just sit and stair @ them and smell...
Well my friends come over and ask how do I do it..? no smell in the house...
long story short I miss the smell of growing Cannabis...:29:


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mmmm...I love the smell of Cannabis, period. :)

High from northern California and welcome to 420Magazine :420:
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