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Missouri Hemp Network Presents Hemp Documentary "Bring It Home" In Columbia

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The Missouri Hemp Network and Students for Sensible Drug Policy are proud to present Hemp Night in Columbia. The evening will have a free to the public viewing of the Industrial Hemp documentary "Bringing it Home". The screening will be held on October 16 at the University of Missouri-Columbia campus in Neff Hall auditorium in room 204.

This 52 minute film, which was directed by Linda Booker and Blaire Johnson, introduces modern America to a crop that built our nation. It includes archival film footage, interviews with business owners, and people in the current Industrial Hemp industry. These businesses make nutritional products, construction grade products, textiles, and bio-plastics.

The evening will run 5:30 pm to 7:45 pm. There will be free samples of Industrial Hemp products available to attendees as well as pamphlets and hand-outs filled with information about modern Industrial Hemp industries. Steven Wilson of the Missouri Hemp Network will give a presentation on the current state of Industrial Hemp in legislation as well as production around the world.

Renowned cannabis reformer Eapen Thampy will offer a short presentation about his new and exciting book on Missouri Hemp History. Mr. Thampy will be on hand to answer any questions attendees have concerning his research and work into Industrial Hemp in Missouri.

The sponsors for this event our Vote Hemp, Hemp History week, Manitoba Harvest, Dr. Bronners magic soap, and Nutiva. They have graciously offered free samples to help attendees understand the raw material to final product life cycle of Industrial Hemp.

Hosts for this event are Duell Lauderdalle, Eapen Thampy, and Steven Wilson. To find out more please contact Steven Wilson of the Missouri Hemp Network at 573-416-0075 or Eapen Thampy at 573 -673-5351.

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Source: stltoday.com
Author: Missouri Statesman
Contact: St. Louis Post-Dispatch contact information : Stltoday
Website: Missouri Hemp Network presents Industrial Hemp documentary "Bringing it Home" in Columbia


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Congress is paying attention to the country's increasing acceptance of hemp. The House version of the stalled farm bill includes an amendment, sponsored by lawmakers in Colorado, Oregon and Kentucky, allowing industrial hemp cultivation nationwide. The amendment's prospects, like the farm bill's timely passage, are far from certain.looks like a back door . any door that opens it is good.
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