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Missouri - Parents Say Medical Marijuana Could Save Daughter's Life

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One Oakville family has a personal plea for the governor: sign a bill legalizing a marijuana-based medical treatment. They say it could save their daughter's life. The bill was approved unanimously by state senate. It makes it legal for people with severe and persistent seizures to use an oil derived from cannabis plants as a treatment. Emelia Krebbs was diagnosed with epilepsy, and her parents say she has countless seizures a day. That's why they want Nixon to sign the bill soon.

"There are cases where people have taken this, and had hundreds of seizures a day go down to none," Andrew Krebbs, her dad, said. The parents say she is resistant to her current medication.The 4-year-old had to leave preschool. She now wears a helmet to protect her head. "She falls all the time," Andrew Krebbs said. "I have pictures of her with goose eggs the size of golf balls. There's no way I can protect my child enough." The Krebbs' say they could end up going to Colorado for treatment if the bill is delayed. Critics worry that there has not been enough research on the use of cannabis-based oils as a treatment for epilepsy. Clinical trials are taking place on the treatment in different parts of the country.


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Source: Ksdk.com
Author: Christina Coleman
Contact: KSDK
Website: Parents say medical marijuana could save daughter's life
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