mistakes I've made,for all growers!


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I grew with homemade hydro bubbler and I made the mistake of not covering the 5gal buckets with black rubber paint but it made it to flowering even tho the roots were filled with alge that stunted growth and yield, so next time I will paint the buckets with black rubber paint b4 i start hydro in the house after summer is over.

Another mistake i made was using organic nutes for my hydro plants, im learning from trial and error.

The next mistake I made was not putting a fan in the grow room,even tho i had a exhaust fan running all the time, there was no fresh entering the grow room, so i just had the same air back and forth thru the grow room.

Another mistake i made when the plants were getting heavy, i just put off attaching a stake to hold the plant steady, did that later it helped alot.

The biggest mistakes i've had was over-watering and over-fertilizin, i cut that down to waterin when they looked like they needed it, i got better at that.

One of the last mistakes i've made was using regular rope instead of the chain method, which really made adjusting the lights way more easier i think.
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