Misting Nozzle Placement


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I am having some trouble understanding where the mist nozzles should be placed in an HPA system. I will be using the 18 gal. Rubbermaid, but I will only be growing 4 plants, as that is the limit under Measure 91.

When looking for Rubbermaid build references, this is the typical setup I seem to come across. This looks like Low Pressure to me, and so not sure if it will work in a High Pressure with separate reservoir.

So many HPA systems seem to be done in PVC Pipe. My concern with doing PVC is that there won't be enough room for the roots, also it is more expensive.

So what I really want to do is replicate the HPA PVC System in a Rubbermaid grow chamber.
This is my planned nozzle placement, black are 3" net pots, red is nozzle.

Does this seem right? Is there a good guideline for how to determine this?
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