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I'm back with my next grow. Here a some quick details.

Tent- Growlabs GL80 (2'7"x2'7"x5'11")
Lighting- 600w Hortilux, Radiant 6" Hood, Lumatek Dimmable Ballast, 100w AdvancedLED Diamond Series
Nutes- Blue Planet Nutrients Farmer's Pride Organic Line
Soil- Fox Farm Ocean Forest, Lime, Perlite
Seeds/ Strains-

2x Short Stuff Auto Assasin (Planted yesterday)
2x Unknown Bagseed (Sprouted yesterday)
Soon to come are my second generation Auto Assasin seeds.

My fan and carbon filter are in the mail. The 600w is a whole package that I will be buying from a friend next Friday. Until then I will use my 100w for veg.

:thanks: BPN and AdvancedLED for making some top notch products. I will be a long time customer.


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Here is the little breeding project that is about finished. While my tent was down had a friend take care of them. She only had one dosage of Flowering nutes until yesterday. The seed covering is starting to break on most seeds but they look mainly pale green. They are good size and pretty hard though.

Auto Assasin Male
-Tall, Smelly, Flowered in 13 days, Tons of pollen, Had decent amount of trichromes for a male plant
Auto Assasin Female
-Short 5", Smelly, Very sticky, Flowered in 18 days, Many trichromes


Anybody know when I should cut her down? I really would like to have a good stock of these seeds.


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Got ten clones today of an unknown strain. Looks like sativa. They are unrooted right now. I put them in the humidity dome and will just keep them moist and spray the rockwool. This is my first time cloning so I hope it goes good.

My partner also got a IonFlow 50F air purifier on Quibids for about $75. He said it retails for a couple hundred. See if it helps anything.


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I got all my new equipment set up. It's gonna take a little time to get the temps just right. It stays at about 80F at 400w but during flower I want the 600w setting on. Things are very cramped in the tent.

Here is how it is set up.
Carbon filter>hood>out tent>fan

Any help to bring temps down and improve air flow would be appreciated.

Pics up asap


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Here they are as of today. I'm running the HPS at 300w for now. I am keeping temps within range, but not as good as I would like. The air in the room is too warm with no outside venting so I'm going to block off the heat/ac duct in the ceiling from the attic and then vent the warmer air from the tent into the attic. For the cold weather I'll just crack the window.

Here is the setup. The HPS stays very cool, not hot to the touch just warm. I also have my 100w Diamond series to add some extra power and different light spectrum.

2 Unknown & Auto Assassin

The clones are a different unknown strain. I have them under about 100w of CFL in the closet.

Pollenated AA. Just gonna let her go until she dies off, hoping for nice brown seeds and rodelization to get the banana pollen. I will save this until later to use on her seeds or the AA seedling if it is a female. I started giving it a nice sized dose of the full line BPN and she seems to be responding nicely.


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Everything is going good. Plants are responding to the HPS great.

Trimmed some yellow leaves off clones yesterday. Looking much better now. I pulled one out of the rockwool and there was white callus type of growth. I read somewhere that it means rooting conditions are favorable. Guess I'll see soon.

I gave a half strength veg dose to the Unknown sprouts. The auto assassin is only getting water till bloom.

This next weekend they will be getting transplanted. I'm also moving my tent into a closet with attic access to easily vent my air. I am also going to set up a mother and clone area with some cfls.

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How did this grow turn out?

We would love to be updated with some pictures and info! :1:

How about posting a 420 Strain Review?

If you need any help with posting photos, please read the photo gallery tutorial:
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I am reporting this to be moved to abandoned journals until we get updates.

Thanks and hope all is well in your world!

Love and respect from all of us here at 420 Magazine! :420:
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