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Mite Treatment - Professional opinions requested


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Hey guys, I'm looking for some input and professional opinions.
I've got some really nice plants in the flowering stage and today I noticed a slight spider mite issue.
I don't want to get into the how or why's. I've been growing for a while and I know where I screwed up.
My focus now is to kill the mites without affecting the quality of my buds.
Along with this hobby, I am also a Apiarist (fancy name for beekeeper). Thus we also have a mite problem which is dealt with on a continual basis.
In my Apiary, to kill mites, I use Vaporized Oxalic Acid. The kill rate is over 95% and it is considered a natural organic treatment.
Here is my question, Is a mite a mite? What if I "Vaporize" my sealed room? Can anyone tell me if this is a viable option to kill mites on cannabis plants without affecting the plants negatively?
Oxalic Acid presents no issues in honey and doesn't hurt the bees, the vapor will reach areas spraying will not. Also, would it have any effect on my LED lights?

Thanks for the input.

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Interesting. Hope someone can help you. What I read most about mites is neem oil. Good luck.

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