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Mixing LED and HPS light


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I need to upgrade the lighting in my 5x5 tent. I currently have a 1000w & 600w LED. I'm looking at adding another light for about $200 cad. This gives me two options than I can see. Vivosun 600 HPS kit or the Philzon 1500W LED. Any recommendations? And after this light would you consider that sufficient to optimize yield from 4 plants as far as lighting is concerned? Thanks


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Your in the same boat I am my room is 5x6 (yeah we was high when reading the tape) trying to find the right footprint is a nitemare I was looking at the philzon 1500 to but the footprint is only 3x3 for flower so even with 2 of them I still have a 2 foot dark spot now for your budget look at the 1500w light that starts with a y on the big a site they (claim) it will flower a 5x5 and coverage is more than that in veg for 150 bucks think I'm gonna gamble on it now I absolutely love my 315 CMH and think QBs are the future but there still expensive but I'd love to try some hint hint sponsors welcome haha
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