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Mixing NUTES in Flower

bud buster

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I Have A 1000 watt HPS lighting 10 3ft plants"all in soil" in 3rd week of flowering. I am feeding them with pure blend pro bloom soil,FF beastie bloomz,magical,FF big bloom organic,and sugar daddy. My concern is the mixing of pure blend with the FF products.Will it hurt them?Is this common?Will this be enough to make nice colas? Do they need some more nitrogen during the flowering proccess or should they be phat without the nitro,I have no signs of leaf yellowing from lack of nitro ,but I did use open sesame the first 2 weeks of 12/12.


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I have no personal experience with said scenario.... but I don't see why it would hurt.
I'm using PBP and AN's BigBud....
Your just using a diff base...
but someone else may have a difference of opinion........

bud buster

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cool. Thanks . I have seen no problems as far as lock up or burn so I will continue with this and let yall know how it works out. Does anyone have an answer for the nitrogen and colas question? please

Smokin Moose

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I have no yellowing in my foliage when I flower, right up to harvest. I would suggest you try and not use too many additives. Check my white widow grow to see results when you keep it simple. I'm also using a 1000W HID
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