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Mixing strains


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I have a good variety of strains but some are just not strong enough without having to smoke a whole joint. Solution, mix your strains.
So far I have found my favorite. ARJAN ULTRA HAZE #1 X WHITE WIDOW!!
Wow. For the first time I understand what INTROSPECTIVE MEANS. By far the strongest clear high I have ever had.:cheer:
My girl likes white widow the best and I like Super Lemon Haze the best so we decided to give a few mixes a try.
Next best mix is Himalayan Gold X anything weak aka Dinafems deep sweet grapefruit. The dinafem is very mild and the Himalayan Gold is very Heady, so I mixed them up and its been great. I like it the most in a vaporizer. The vape brought out the grapefruit and calmed down the piney taste of the Himalayan Gold.
BUBBA KUSH smells the absolute best as far as muskyness but (week by itself) when I mixed in the Super Lemon Haze it was fantastic. Very smooth and a very different taste.
Anybody else have any tips or favorite mixes?
My new grow started last week.
20 plants. 10 White Widow and 10 Super Lemon Haze. 20 seeds from Greenhouse seed comp and all germinated. A few of the freebies didnt but it not that big of a deal.
Just a note: I did 2 plants Of SLH outdoors and I cant tell a difference in potency from my indoor version.
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