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i would like to start working out high in the morning so i can lose weight before i graduate, i recently purchased a Hoss bong with 2 percilator(or how its spelt) and im wondering if working out high and commiting to a good diet will allow me to lose the fat i need to take off and if anyone on here works out high on a regular basis i would really like to know your feed back:thumb::peace:


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Well done mate. For the working out I mean. Anyone can buy a bong:19:

Seriously tho, if you eat a healthy diet,(cook you own food from fresh good produce, not diet ready meals) and burn more calories than you consume, you will loose fat and gain muscle. Fact!

The only thing getting high has to do with it is how it affects your workout. I surf high all the time. Altho not on big days. Spent 2 months training with friends in the french navy and we would smoke a hash joint and stretch out for half an hour before weights. It was awesome.

Know yourself dude, if you're gonna stay motivated after a bowl or are you the kinda guy who bakes?

Either way, be happy my man, and best wishes getting into shape


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I've been taking a little break from my MMJ recently, but have always been an all day smoker - also a serious martial artist and cyclist. I find I really tend to enjoy my workouts when medicated. My lifting and core work is usually first thing in the morning - like my eyes are barely open as I head to my home gym, so I'm not usually high - but all my bike rides used to take place after enjoying a few bong rips (except for the big events/races that have an early start).

Just need to stay aware of using correct body mechanics when lifting so as not to cause an injury.

:peace: and :Namaste:


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Remember to take a bottle of water with your self, helps you with losing weight and also helps with dry mouth :) good luck
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