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MJ vs. Alcohol: I Think I Figured It Out


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It's always puzzled me why the government has for years demonized pot, but tolerated alcohol. Why is alcohol socially accepted and pot isn't? It's been proven scientifically that pot is medically less harmful, non addictive and doesn't cause people to do the stupid, violent shit that booze is famous for. When was the last time you heard of a stoner starting a fight or beating his significant other after smoking a bong? This has always puzzled me until today.

You see, I just moved to a new town, Sebring, Florida and I haven't yet found a reliable weed connection. Now I'm no teetotaller, I'll drink a few brewskis with my weed, but it wouldn't hurt my feelings one bit if booze dissapeared from the planet. I love weed and tolerate alcohol in moderation, yet today, since the wife and I have no weed, we're tossing down a couple of cold ones today, no biggie, but I sure wish I had a weed connection because I've found that booze, by itself is a piss poor buzz and it has always puzzled me as to why the government tolerates alcohol, but has steadfastly demonized pot as the dreaded "Gateway drug", as if booze and tobacco were somehow sacrosanct.

After about my third beer it hit me. I had had no new thoughts popping into my head since I started drinking, just feelings. After watching the news on the school shooting (which BTW, I'm getting seriously burned out on, I worked in the news media 30 plus years and this isn't the first time I've been ashamed of my industry)I started getting pissed off at the news media's sensationalistic bullshit and started remembering how I was pressured by my former bosses to pump out similar crap, then it hit me. I wasn't thinking, I was emotionally reacting, something very much unlike me. I put down the beer for awhile and started thinking about this.

The government doesn't want you to THINK, it wants you to FEEL. If you feel without thinking, you're a sitting duck for any kind of bullshit they want to feed you. With weed, thoughts run wild, you contemplate everything. The cracks in the cieling and their possible philisophical connection to your dog's mood swings, the colour of the fading paint on the cieling and how it seems to match the mood of the sound the air conditioner makes,the possible conspiracy between rats and cockroaches, you think about EVERYTHING and question EVERYTHING, something that scares the hell out of a government run by control freaks.

If you're a thinker, you question everything,including the crap the media spews out on a daily basis and that is something the government thinks is dangerous. So put down the booze, turn off the TV, light up your bongs,pipes,joints and spliffs and THINK!
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