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MM Grower wants feedback from PTSD consumers


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I live in Maine and am going to be a medical Marijuana caregiver. We are going to concentrate on our Vets with PTSD and other symptoms. I would like anyone with PTSD to give me strain ideas that I can grow that seems to best help you. I hope to help many people with this endeavor! Any feedback is welcome.


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Ditto on the kudos for helping vets with PTSD issues.

I would like to recommend Medicann's Blueblood strain to alleviate PTSD, hyper vigilance, appetite loss, and spasm issues. Even veg leaves taken 2 weeks before switching to flowering cycle can be rendered into cannabutter to be used in edibles. The pre-flower leaves have enough CBD or CBD precursors that can be decarbed with proper heating. I've made CBD cookies which I wasn't expecting much out of because the cannabutter was made with veg leaves.

4 tablespoons of this cannabutter in a mix that makes 44-48 cookies does this for me:
...One 2.5 inch cookie gives me a mild euphoria 15-20 minutes later.
...2-3 cookies alleviates my neural spasms and body pain while also giving me the munchies.
...4 cookies is total couch lock euphoria and puts me to sleep for a good 12 hours.
...After a week of medication, I can think clearer and am no longer mentally exhausted when awake.

Alas, I can't smoke, so I cannot give a smoke report on this strain. However, if you are growing for the first time to treat medical issues like body pain, neural/muscle spasms, PTSD, Lupus, Fibromyalgia, and appetite loss, you can render cannabutter within a month of planting. The more you prune leaves and take cloning cuttings prior to switching to flower cycle, the bushier Blueblood gets. By the time the Blueblood is in mid flower, there are sticky buds and bud leaves everywhere!


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We have a large veteran population in New Mexico, including in the Medical Cannabis Program, so I've done a lot of reading about the issues that affect veterans.

I've learned that most vets suffer from a combination of PTSD and chronic pain. This is a good article about what vets are dealing with from the Wall Street Journal (November 2013) (unfortunately, you may have to register to access):

For Veterans With PTSD, A New Demon: Their Meds
Threat of Addiction to Prescription Painkillers Heightened With Mental Illness

And here's an article from Think Progress (June 2014) about the difficulties faced by women veterans who suffer from PTSD due to sexual assault:

The Other VA Scandal: Military Sexual Assault Victims Still Fighting to Receive Benefits | ThinkProgress

Also, you may want to be knowledgeable about the disability process veterans have to go through with the VA:

How to Make a PTSD Claim with the VA | Disability Secrets

This is from an article on Bloomberg:

8/13/14, Some Soliders May Not Get Post-Trauma Help With New Rules

"The American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, or DSM-5, was released in May 2013 to replace older versions. The new criteria moved PTSD to the category of disorders related to trauma and stressors from anxiety disorders; increased the number of PTSD symptoms; and recommended that patients who have symptoms that don’t quite meet the threshold for PTSD be diagnosed with adjustment disorder, or the inability to adapt to stressful situations."

As for strain preferences, you might want to contact veteran's associations involved with medical cannabis, like Michael Krawitz at Veterans for Medical Cannabis Access.
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