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MM Testing Labs in Massachusetts

I was recently in my local dispensary and I made an inquiry as to when they thought the 60 day limit would be lifted from the current 4.23 ounces up to 10 ounces. This product limit is imposed by the state because of the lack of sufficient labs to test the flowers and MIPS. The budtenders aren't necessarily privy to inside information but they seemed to think that the limits won't be lifted until maybe March...

There is one thing I am looking forward to concerning the testing labs. And maybe someone who reads this can tell me more. I want to be able to have my cannacoconut oil tested so I know how many mg of THC are in each tablespoon. At the moment I am flying blind. I am finding myself going to the dispensary and buying a Dose Nugget or a Dose Bar containing 50 mg. Then I am eating the Dose Bar and seeing how it compares to my toast covered with cannacoconut oil. Not very scientific, and at this point I would rather know for certain than be doing this guessing game. Does anyone know how or where or when we can get our own products tested? I know I can't mail products in and that they would have to be driven to a lab within the borders of Massachusetts but are labs accepting test material from us "civilians"? And if they are, does anyone know how much they charge for the service? Lots of questions. I hope somebody has some answers. Thanks!


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Yeah, I get stuff tested at MCR labs in Framingham. Good guys. I bring my samples in,, couple days later I get results.
Good info MMM. Can you please tell me what you bring in - flowers or MIPS? And can you give us an idea of how much this service costs?


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Good info MMM. Can you please tell me what you bring in - flowers or MIPS? And can you give us an idea of how much this service costs?
Yes, sir. I bring a small bud, like .03 g not much. I won't link the website here, but if you look them up you can see the samples I submitted. They take a picture, then test. It was 75 per sample last I tested. Not cheap but about average from what I hear.

Simple/regular looking office in industrial area. Real normal folks in there interested in finding what's in what we smoke. The president and founder is very active in the industry. Anything else just ask. ;)
Very, very useful. Thank you so much. I will make good use of this information. One more question, do you know if there will be a lab located in the western part of Massachusetts? I know that there isn't one now but will there be one in the future? Springfield? Pittsfield? I live west of the Connecticut River, so a trek to the Boston area is 100 miles or more each way.


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Also, I could be wrong but just this week somewhere I read that if you submit three samples for testing then they are $50 each. Worth asking about if you expect to have more than one sample to test.
Something weird is happening with the testing. I don't know if it is the fault of the grower or the lab but here is what is going on. (Maybe someone has a reasonable answer for me.) I have bought Domnesia at least three times at the NETA dispensary in Northampton. Two of the times the analysis of the THC levels was the same and the third time it was very different. The first two times, the THC level was around 25%. This last time I was in to buy Domnesia, the THC level was around 15%. I'm just wondering how there can be that big a discrepancy between samples of supposedly the same (roughly the same - since it is a seedling and not a cutting) genetic material. Any ideas on why there is this big discrepancy with the lab results? Just wonderin'... Maybe that is why they have been running a "Special" on Domnesia.


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That's a big difference. My first guess is where the sample that was taken from, I've seen different numbers from the same plant but the separation was 3%. This was a wash .vs un washed test I did. I don't think the washing did it,.I think one sample was higher up, taken from a portion of that plant higher up then the lower one. That's my guess.

I think the testing has I ways to come. I'd like to see a standard test not only for potency, but metal content, chemical, many other things. Of course that'll cost....


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Could it have been a difference between the plant it came from todd? Between the 1st two, and the 3rd,... Maybe they came from different plants, grown in different settings. Or like massmed said, different parts of the same plant wont always have the same results
Who knows? The plants were all grown in the exact same facilities in Franklin, MA. Maybe lots 1 & 2 were essentially the same and lot 3 was the one that was skewed lower and was probably from a later batch. It certainly could have to do with where on the plant the sample was taken from. I have no idea how they pick material to send to the lab for testing. I would think that if the location of where on the plant the sample is collected from made a difference in the testing that the dispensary would always take samples from the top in order to get the highest analysis. But I am just guessing. I will keep monitoring the THC levels in the medicine I buy and see if it settles out to a more regular result.
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