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MMJ Balm/Cream & Decarbing


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Just wondering -- I have been reviewing recipes for cannabalm. At the few that I have looked at, none have mentioned decarbing the product.

I understand the concept of decarbing, but what I can't figure out is;

1) do I need to decarb the herb for it to be an effective balm?
2) if so, the recipes I have seen call for leaving the oil (coconut, olive etc) in a crockpot on low (ie no bubbles) and leave it for 24 to 48 hours.
Wouldn't the herb by virtue of that time and temperature decarb the herb anyways?

Thanks for any help/suggestions. :peace2:


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I would think it would, but does decarbing have any affect on cbd's
If you're looking for cbd for pain and such. You dont need thc in there, right?
And decarbing makes thc absorbable to our bodies?
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