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MMJ helps my ADD?


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So I'm an online business owner and sometimes I have one hell of a time trying to stop myself from starting 18 projects at a time, buying software/ebooks impulsively and keeping focus on one task to get anything done.

However, one thing that I noticed is that MMJ definitely helps me focus. It's like, when I'm high I get absorbed into what I'm doing and just have a really fun time with creative solutions for whatever project I'm doing. Plus in terms of buying crap, I think herb makes me a lot less materialistic and able to enjoy the things I already have and take joy in the little things.

The one thing is that when I'm coming down I do get slightly irritable and unproductive. I'll have to come up with a way to minimize that part. Maybe taking a quick nap or just doing something I enjoy when coming down.

Anybody else have similar experience?


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Somewhat, I work as a cook and constantly have to multi-task quite a bit. If I smoke a little before work, not to much but just enough to get a buzz, I can focus better on what needs cooked at the time, I also have ADD. My only problem is I tend to forget what Im cooking occasionally. But I remember before it's to late., usually.


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I never realized I had ADD until I smoked pot. I have to agree, the focus is amazing. I find I can easily retain knowledge while in this state, but sometimes I have to "Pause", play with the idea in my mind, then resume.
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