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MMJ + Jobs?


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Hey guys, was wondering about how it works if youre on mmj and you have a job. If your job drug tests you, can you explain to them that you smoke marijuana legally and have a doctors recommendation? Do they care? Is it like "it doesnt matter if its legal, u cant work here if you arent clean"? Any help would be great, thanks.


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Got this early in the week:
NORML’s Midyear Report On Marijuana Law Reforms
August 8, 2007

For years NORML has maintained that employees should be judged by the quality of their work, not by the quality of their urine. Nevertheless, far too many employers continue to single out and penalize responsible marijuana smokers for their off-the-clock cannabis use. We know that our supporters are sick and tired of this discriminatory practice, and I’m happy to tell you that we’ve teamed up with one of the corporate world’s leading instructional software provider to encourage employers to ‘kick the habit.’

This spring, the JIAN Company released the 2007 edition of its popular "Employee Manual Builder," a commercially available software program designed for corporate Human Resource (HR) managers. For the first time ever, this year’s software includes new corporate guidelines recommending employers treat workers' off-the-clock cannabis use in a manner similar to alcohol. JIAN’s new HR guidelines, authored by NORML’s staff, state, "There exists little evidence that cannabis use is associated with lower productivity and/or elevated health costs among full-time employees. Like alcohol, moderate use of cannabis by employees during non-work hours should be of little concern for most employers."
For Employers - NORML

In order to dissuade employers’ from discriminating against responsible cannabis consumers, JIAN’s guidelines now tells employers to cease using random and/or "pre-accident" urine screening for marijuana – noting that the test is not suitable for detecting employee impairment or determining recent drug use.

"The company understands that there is a difference between 'substance use' and 'substance abuse,' and that 'use' isn't necessarily 'abuse,'" JIAN’s ‘enlightened’ policy states. "Employees are free to make their own lifestyle choices when not in the workplace or otherwise on company time." Hey, we couldn’t have said it any better ourselves. (To read the full guidelines, visit:For Employers - NORML)


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if its a free country then any employer should be able to hire or not hire who they want to regardless of reasons. if they are a public/government business or use public money in their business thats a different matter. but if you build a business with your money and your efforts it should be up to you who works for you.


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well im not really concerned whether i would be able to sue them or not lol. out of common sense, i think it would be illegal for them to deny you of a job based on a failed urine test if you are a paitent. because if your smoking pot with a doctors recommendation, its not a drug its a medicine. so i dont see how a job could reject you based on that. anyone have any experiences with this?

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Some occupations have safety riders for insurance purposes, and employers are well within their rights to not employ you if they consider your mmj use would put you or others at risk. Cannabis can impair workers, and there are safety and commonsense issues here.

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If I had a business, I would want the freedom to NOT hire those who are actively involved in perpetuating marijuana prohibition. That's called freedom. I believe with freedom- the employer should have the call.
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