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MMJ testing for THC and CBD


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I haven't been able to find any MMJ testing facilities here in hawaii, which means my friend may need to ship it to California for testing. Any recommendations? Testing for terpenes and all that would be great too. I did find a few but they never say anything about shipping, and the last I was reading Colorado accept anything outside of Colorado.

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Even if in a "Legal State" you have to find a lab local, as still a Federal offense to ship it in the Postal service (includes Parcel places like UPS/Fedex/etc..), so have to deliver yourself or find a courier service that does that, if not legal where you at probably near impossible to find a lab willing to take that risk to do that. It's expensive so hard to justify the cost unless you are required to do so as in a legal commercial grow, I mean it would be cool to know but I'm not spending $150-200 to give me specific numbers for a few oz's off of a specific plant. I don't have much faith personally on the accuracy of the "home testing" type stuff, technology may improve but I don't think it there yet.
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