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MMmm honey oil


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how is honey oil used exactly?
a guy I know had some but it was pretty pricy as it is rare around here.

so do you drop some on a cig? seal jays with it or what?


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Mary420juana's pic. And a very nice one at that.



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I'd guess you need to bind it to fat, like cooking w/ MJ (maybe make a hot buttered rum drink w/ it?) ..and then you'd probably fly to the moon, or someplace more distant. :rasta:


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Hmmm, not sure. Wouldn't take much to try and find out I guess. The honey I used to get only took a small drop to get me a buzz. Maybe Mary420Juana can experiment for us.


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What would happen if you drank all that oil at once, heheheee?

Drank it?? this stuff is so thick that when it fell over open on the table , i noticed an hour later and I hadnt spilled a drop... lol I hotknife it, only need tiny tiny tokes and only 3-4 of them and your cooked:) ** puff puff pass** :48:

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Hot knifing! I haven't done that for years. I think I still have my old knives with the tempered steel look. I will have to try them again.


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^ Kiss Kiss Kiss on the butt butt butt. lol

I make oil about 2 to 3 times a year, it takes forever to make descent quantities, its messy and its hard to work with but the high is super clean, long lasting, and very potent(this depends on the maker). Hot knifing is the easiest to smoke oil but you can use it in any style of smoking. Since its so concentrated its also easy to abuse and be wasteful but makes for a wonderful night.
I normally make my oil from low grade kief that was extracted from bubble bags and can honestly say its the strongest oil I have ever used.


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how is honey oil used exactly?
a guy I know had some but it was pretty pricy as it is rare around here.

so do you drop some on a cig? seal jays with it or what?

Well the Counselor enjoys real Honey Oil when its available.
First of all, there is Hash Oil, that most people see, & then there's
Honey Oil. A real Ph.D named Dr. Pete who left us, was a real chemist &
he used Either, to get an 80 % pure Oil. Essentially he explained to me,
Hash Oil has a number of alkaloids & impuritys, were his Honey Oil,
Had only, THC, CBD & CBC The Trinity. Regarding your question on
how to smoke it , I keep is simple. 1. The simple light bulb transfers heat
to a glass jar, making it easier to work with, 2. So you can pour a drop on a Bud,
Drop in a Paper clip- get a nice amount of oil on it & put it over a self lighting
Insense & with a glass straw inhale to your lungs burst.:smokin3:

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I eat it every day to cure my Cancer! Couple drops in a 1/2 tsp. of honey. 15 minutes later you are getting buzzed and it lasts for 4-6 hrs.

The purist way to introduce THC and cannabanoids into your body.
In 5 months it has shrunk my Cancer tumors.
I am curing myself with the help of the oil.

You can smoke it too, but the longest and healthiest buzz is from eating it. The buzz is also better if you eat after you take the oil.



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Around here most people smoke it on a hot knife or pipe with ashes. 2-3 tokes is plenty. I try to always have some on hand for those Saturday night movies. :)
I used to make by quick washing trim with 99% isopropynol but the latest way is by using butane. It produces some of the finest oil I have ever had. Alot of fume issues so I give trim to a buddy and he does it. Very fast and top quality. There are many high grade solvents that are used to extract it.



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when i start growing, i will use all my trim for this purpose. AWESOME! I have had afgani black, bubble, pressed sift hash, but never the elusive honey oil. What is the dried trim to oil ratio on average? or dried bud to oil?
From my understanding the solvents destroy the casing holding the THC, etc. Which is why it doesn't need to be heated or nething.
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