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MN Asset Forefeiture Laws Reform Bill 2010


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The Minnesota legislature is considering a Bill to reform Minnesota's unfair Asset Forfeiture laws. Now - the State can take (steal) private property based on suspicion only - no conviction required! Also, they can do it administratively, meaning no judge will ever even hear about it unless you hire a lawyer, pay court filing fees; and do all that with the exact paperwork within 60 days! Now, the state has a free lawyer (on staff) and does not have to pay a court filing fee. What else? Police agency that writes up the report and swears under oath gets to keep 70% of the money from your cash, gold, car, etc. they seize! Just an appearance of impropriety?

This could all change if peeps get active and lobby for the Bill. Legislature just went into session this week! Help!

Read my blog post for more details: The Moral Peril of Minnesota Asset Forfeiture Laws Minneapolis Criminal Law News

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