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MN: Doctor Supports Medical Marijuana To Battle Opiate Addictions

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The over prescribing and abuse of opiates in our country and community, which can often lead to a heroin addiction, is running rampant and some want to fix it with medical marijuana.

A Minnesota medical marijuana distribution company says a change in state law this August will allow some to transition from opiates to cannabis.

Prescriptions for opiates such as Vicodin and hydrocodone are given out by the millions.

"Opiates really are a public health crisis in our country," said Dr. Kyle Kingsley, Vireo CEO. "Right now it's estimated between 14,000 and 16,000 people die from prescription opiate overdoses every year in the United States alone, and generally these are preventable."

Doctor Kingsley says that could happen with medical marijuana for pain that never goes away.

"There are very strict requirements for dosing, the precision of dosing, and also the quality and safety standards."

Cannabis couldn't replace opiates for everyone, only those who fit the requirements, but some conditions including MS, rheumatoid arthritis, daily migraines or severe injuries from accidents could qualify.

"A lot of these folks just want control of their pain, and you know chronic pain is a pervasive issue," said Kingsley. "It's estimated that 160 million people have chronic pain, and it's a real medical problem and opiates are only exacerbating it."

He does say opiates have a place in modern medicine, but should play a smaller role and not be prescribed to people with chronic pain.

"It's a pretty miserable treatment option for a lot of patients."

Miserable for patients and creating a miserable situation for all affected by opiate addictions.

"This war on opiates has to happen, and we see this as the first battle in the war," said Kingsley.

People with un-ending pain aren't able to use medical marijuana until August first.

The dispensary in Moorhead is expected to open in June.


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