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Mobile SCROGS nets


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I have a veg room in which I want to start putting my girls into scrog netting around day 30 and let grow in for about another 30 days.

I am using OPS E&F systems with the 5 gallon cloth Smart Pots buckets. So no hard attaching to plastic buckets possible.

Current idea is build 18" PVC frames and use 2" chicken wire for the netting (I can bend the netting to take up less space while in the Veg room - then unfold in the flower room to final fill out and/or stretch phase - Over all Screen size will be 24" sq and 30" sq respectively for different size tents.

Any new ideas or warnings to current approach greatly appreciated.



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A little more thought on this: My OPS systems are the same as LA's if you follow his journals. They have the "Custom bottom drains" and sit on 2'x4''s.

My concern with the design above is that there is no anchor or weight to keep the netting down while the plants are pushing up on it. But given the E&F design I am using I can put the legs on the sides instead of corners and run 1 cross attachment at the bottom connected to 2 of the legs (under the buckets between the 2'x4's next the to the bottom drain) to essentially anchor in the bottom........... Thinking this will work unless some one else has some better ideas........... :)

It will just cost more in attachments and I will probably have to glue it now but hey....best I am coming up with......


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Thanks man, but that's the kind of shit an E-7 would smoke the dog piss out of you for.... "really? nothing to hold it down eh? looks like a day to practice filling SAND BAGS!" =p
I'm a Vet too Ranger, Army/173rd ABCT
Noticed there's actually quite of few us on this forum... I'm almost positive it's due to the higher levels of maturity compared to some of the other cannabis based forums.
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