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Moderator Elections 2007 - Intern & Volunteer Positions


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All 420 Magazine members are invited to submit nominations for election to the positions of:

News Hawk: Do you have an interest in 420 related news? Do you like sailing the web looking for 420 related news articles? Do you want to help bring Cannabis and Hemp awareness to the world? Then this position is for you!

Grow Support: Do you love growing Marijuana? Do you love talking about growing Marijuana? Do you have a history of successful grows? Do you like helping new growers to achieve success with their grows? Then this position is for you!

Lounge Mod: Do you have a broad range of knowledge about Cannabis? Do you like interacting with members from all over the world? Do you like reasoned debate and spirited posting? Then this position is for you.

Medical Mod: Do you use medical Marijuana? Do you have a good broad knowledge of medical Marijuana laws in the US, or an interest to find out? Are you a compassionate person? Then this position is for you!

All members are welcome to either nominate themselves, or make nominations in support of another member.

These positions are vital to the efficient running of our site. They require energy and commitment, and a strong belief in the ethos of bringing Cannabis and hemp awareness to the world. The positions involve trust and dedication. They require you to commit time on a regular and on-going basis.
Leave your egos at home folks, there is no room nor time to deal with primmadonnas. We have a mission to concentrate on.

I look forward to seeing members step up for these tasks.

Please post here why you should be considered, and what qualities you feel you can bring to our energetic management team.
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I wouldnt mind being a Medical Mod.I have tons of problems myself and not only can I relate to all those out there in pain,I have experience with several medical conditions that cannibis can help.Its been so much of my life that I would love to talk to others who suffer,and offer an ear and hopefully some support.Finnally Im on disibility so I could do this whenever you needed me.


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I was just reading the News Hawk thread and relized that I didnt put enough information.Im serious about wanting to be a Med Mod.I live the life everyday. Any info you need from me please ask.And as far as knowledge Ive been reading everything possible from this site and am learning every second. Ive been trying to spread the news for years,and feel I can contribute my time and and experience to this site.


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High, my name is Braxton... I am interested in helping create cannabis
awareness and would love the opportunity to be part of you news staff. I
live in MI, and hopefully as you already know we are trying hard to become
the thirteenth medical marijuana state here in the U.S. I have volunteered
as a petition signature gatherer and circulator, and really enjoy it. I
sincerely request some more information on this offer, and GREATLY
appreciate your time, thanks again and the most greenest regards back to you
all @ 420 - BfromB1P.

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Fallen Cannabis Warrior
^Thank you for your offer of help Braxton. It is diificult to assess your request, as you do not as yet have a history of posting here. That history lets us and other members get to know you a liitle better.
Normally, a member is required to have at least 250 posts under their belt before being considered for staff positions.
What I would suggest is that you join our community of marijuana and hemp activists, and participate in vigorous and meaningful posting. That would help us carry the message of awareness to the world!
Thank you again for your kind offer.


Hi, i could help out in the lounge, i know a ton about marijuana and have even worked on the legalization effort here in colorado several times with SAFER. I don't think it would be too hard to read most of the posts if i checked in once every day or so but i am an active student who works so i do have limited time. I think my posting history would tell the best story about me so this is all i am going to say.
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