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Moderator Elections 2007


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We are currently seeking a few new mods for...

Grow Room
420 Lounge
Medical Marijuana
420 School

please tell us a little about yourself and why you would like to join our team.

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I would like to nominate/volunteer myself =)

letseeee...a little about myself.
im a pretty regular person i guess lol. 36-Male-L.A. some call me scooter.
i like weed, dancey music, scifi, computer games, small short-haired dogs,
liberalism, choclate milkshakes, reading, drawing, KBIG 104.3, clubs, coffee, and not being at work. its pretty bad blaaaaaaaaaah.
oh and stargate SG-1 or Atlantis. my favorite things of all time.

so yeah.. other than that i live alone (except for my pup) and so of course do a bit of growing for my med!

i got my rec for various fractured joints that never were fully repairable... just kinda bolted back up.
everything is functional but overuse can cause a lot of lingering pains that keep me up all night. since its pretty much a permanent condition pills and such are out of the question, well at least if weed is available. if not,then im takin the pills!!

but dont get me wrong, ive ALWAYS been involved with weed. although i didnt start smoking any untill highschool.. somewehre out there are photos of me helpin my hippy parents harvest thier crop, when i was like 4 carrying fresh cut plants under each arm:laugh2:

would like to join a 420 team because of my high interest in anything weed related, and desire to be helpful to anyone who is a brother or a sister of the cause.


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Im taking the pleasure of nominating myself. Ive been growing cannabis ever since i was 13 (not something to brag about, but time wise thats forever ago lol). I enjoy doing carpentry, so much i actually do it for a living. I also got a side job at walmart as a GM unloader. Well marijuana has been a huge part of my life ever since i turned 16. I started having trouble with sleep and was diagnosed with insomnia, so only the heaviest indicas will do :3:. I also suffer from alot of athritis. I have it really bad in my hip to where i can barely walk 10 yards without having to stop for a minute to keep my composure. Marijuana is my cure for all these things, i realized when i was young that my pot smoking could actually help me instead of just classifying me as a "looser".
When i do my grows, their usually outdoor. On the other hand i do grow indoors as well between outdoor harvests and winter. I like to keep my operation as organic as possible. And i preper either 100% indicas, of very indica dominant plants. I also enjoy a good sativa for a good daytime smoke. My current grow is "knights templar" a herijuana cross that should blow my mind (thanks S4L). I would like to join the 420 team mainly because this is my favorite site and im here all day. Not to mention i want to create cannabis awareness!!!

Well theres a little about me and what im doing at this point of nomination. Thank you for your time.

Ide also like to nominate my mate' Smokin.Moose, very nice guy and is intellegent.


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I would be down! However, I would put the people listed above in front of me. I would be honored for stonergrower or moose to be moderators of my favorite site!

I grow marijuana because I love growing it, its passion that I have deep inside. Marijuana is such a blessing and I would love to be part of the 420 community to open some people up to cannabis. I spend a great deal of time on this site anyway, because I love the community and everything the site offers. These people are my family! I have much time to devote to the site and I would be more then willing to!

Thought I'd try...

Jim Finnel

Fallen Cannabis Warrior & Ex News Moderator
i would help to know what mod position interests you. the growers are sorta obvious but if anyone else raises their hand that would probably be good to add. thanks

oh yeah.... moose, it doesn't really take special computer skills. if you are smart enough to post your probably smart enough to mod. i mean hell, i can do it :cool:
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if you are smart enough to post your probably smart enough to mod. i mean hell, i can do it :cool:

yeah couldn't be too hard then... just playin :3:


1st -Grow Room
2nd -420 School
3rd -Lounge
4th -MMJ
5th -News

The grow Room would be AWESOME to moderate, thats my favorite area.



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:smoke2: I would like consideration for the medical marijuana forum mod as that is my true passion and would endeavor to be fair & helpful:3:.


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I would like to nominate myself for News Moderator.

I enjoy hunting down the Cannabis friendly news and posting it for our Cannabis Community to read.

I have been a News hawk here for a while now and think I could help out a little more, maybe give User a break when he needs one. :3:

So when you go fill out your Moderator Elections 2007 ballot make sure to put an X next to CoZmO for News Moderator. :allgood:
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i haven't been here long enough, nor do i have the experience, but i'd love to be a grow room mod.

i am a computer programmer / penetration tester / graphic designer / systems administrator.. for various companies.

i'm basically.. very computer orientated, and i love growing.

i love helping, and i have alot of free time.. and i seem to spend most of it here..

i'm a great learner, and i've been a moderator / administrator on several other forums, albeit different topics, but still.

yeah.. of course there are those better suited than me.


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Hey mods, any idea on when the new mods will be selected? I think we should give it some time for more people to step up to the challenge.

Zedrules has got my vote for medical marijuana, hes very intellegant when it comes to dispensaries, and all the great ways of consuming the medical strains.

Smokin Moose

Fallen Cannabis Warrior
After a crash course in computers I feel more confident and would like to be considered for the position. I will maintain the integrity of the mission and promise not to send members to Australia on vacation.


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I think it's so cool that so many people want to help.. it's what this site is all about. :3::peace:


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You may have noticed the announcement
So the question now might be, why is the thread still open?

answer is simple. We aren't done. We are still looking for someone else.

and remember, we're watching you!
ohh, thats kinda creepy!

Well in the spirit of stick-to-it'tiveness, I want to resubmit my bid for MMJ Mod and hope that my recent contributions are weighed in light of the scrutiny that is required for this postion or anyother for that matter, as this is a service to the 420 community as well as promoting public awareness.
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