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Modern Drug Laws


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Originally, drug laws were supposedly introduced for the protection of the US citizenry, to ban intoxicating substances that the government felt we could not be trusted to use responsibly. However misguided these laws were and whatever kind of racism or classism their inaction was founded upon, it can't be denied that the people who introduced them at least thought they were operating under noble intentions and meant to do nothing more than ban the use of these substances, in order to help people.

Modern drug laws can no longer hold claim to even this small shred of integrity. The drug war is now nothing more than an amoral racket, and the people who fight it–from DEA agents, to local police officers, even schoolteachers who continue to prop up the ineffectual DARE program–are nothing more than racketeers. These people don't care about our well being. If they did, they wouldn't be preventing terminally ill AIDS patients from getting pain relief. They only care about power, about keeping the drug war going so that they can keep getting paid huge amounts of money to ruin people's lives. I can only hope that we stop trusting them sometime soon.

Source: Northern Iowan (U of Northern IA, IA Edu)
Author: Tristan Abbott, NI Opinion Columnist
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