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Mold question


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just wondering if someone could put a pic up or describe what exactly to look for if u think your bud might have some mold on it.

probably a dumb question with an obvious answer, but just dont wont to be taking the chance of inhaling some fucked up shit. thanx guys.


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I don't have any modly weed pictures, but I've seen some before.
Let me try and describe it for you.. Crystals on weed are pretty itsy bitsy small right? Well moldy weed will look like if you rolled your nug in sugar, the mold is somewhat bright white and the size of granulated sugar. Hope it helps. None the less, I wouldn't smoke it.


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respect. sorry no photo, bud my advice is to try to lower temperature and humidity if indoors to stop or slow down mold growth... anyway you dont know for sure so you shoult know mold grows from the inside of the but do the outside and when you notice the outer bud is affected the inner bud is attaked for sone time already and you might have to cut the whole affected area off so the mold doesnt spread anymore.... so the mold beginns at the stick inside the bud so you have to look inside the bud, just open it a little to see between the ramificatin of the bud and if it is yellowish and to soft like no resssistence of the little stems of the buds its probably mold....shit, im so stoned i really dont know what i wrote,haha
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