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Mold right before harvest: Help!


Hey guys, right before I just left for a appointment I was looking at my plants and noticed one of the buds have white mold growing on it.
At first I actually thought it was crystal but upon closer look I noticed it was mold unfortunately.

I just did a bit of research and it looks like it may be early sign of grey mold or bud rot. I planned on taking down my plants in 3 days but think I may take them all down tonight to prevent spreading and getting any worse.

My question is if I just cut off the infected areas and let the rest dry out as normal should I be safe? Or is the whole plants garbage. I don’t have any pictures yet but will soon once I get home.

I can’t risk smoking moody weed though as I’ve had a bad reaction in the past that made me need to be on multiple puffers for two months.


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What's your airflow like? Any fans blowing on the colas that are rotting?
I would cut out the rot or toss it. I wouldn't leave it alone though.

What is the room humidity like?
Er'mah ghed. I was writing this when you added the pic.
I'm sorry for your loss.:sorry:


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If you’re already seeing white my guess is the whole crop is shot. This is a nightmare many growers experience at least once. Crack open EVERY cola and if it’s brown/grey dump it. Not healthy to smoke or do anything with.

Not what you want to hear, but there’s no fixes for this one. Sorry man.


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you would be lucky to get a half ounce of that plant , id just start again , the humidity were these were must have been sky high , ive never seen buds so airy get rot/mold . i got some yesterday but my buds where fat and bulky . had to move the plant to a tent with dehumidifier and fan to extract , was one bud so i was lucky , its fucking breaks your heart getting rot


Hey guys little update. I chopped all my plants down last night. I found two plants that had one bud each that had some signs of mold. The other one wasn’t as obvious as this and was only noticeable when I opened up the bud.
The rest had zero signs of any bud rot.

I removed the infected areas and trimmed all the plants. The two plants that had bud rot I quarentined to dry while the others are drying together.

I think my problem was I stopped paying attention to humidity these last two weeks. Humidity was in proper levels for most of flower but must have spiked in last two weeks. Air flow was good, I have 4 fans plus a 8 inch air intake and 8 inch air output.

Good learning lesson for next run. Could have been worse I am glad I caught it in time.

Also: my camera doesn’t make it seem like a big bud and plants but that’s a 6 foot plant and the bud covered in mold was slightly thicker and longer than a gadorade bottle.
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