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Hi out there, I've just come out of my grow room a bit dis-heartened, I found mold on a couple of buds so I know remove them but do i do a soil flush before harvesting the rest or do i chop it all down just in case. Help please :32:


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You need to chop it down slowly and carefully with scissors. Then sprinkle the bud with hydrogen peroxide or rubbbing alcohol.


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You need to wash your buds! Bud washing!

I do it even though I don't have mould.
Follow instructions St the start and use the four bucket method to treat mould.


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Don't wash your budz, just cut out all the infected parts. By washing your budz you speed up oxidation of terpenes and are on the quick way to lose all the great flavors produced during late flowering.

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Mmm not tried bud washing but some how i'll think i may skip the method !

How ever i may look at preventive measures to avoid bud rot in the first place :high-five:

RH 80% plus in flowering ya looking at rot & ideally you want RH under 70% at all times... if ya can keep it below 60% even better but i may suggest using a dehumidifier in the last 2 or 3 weeks of flowering & this being normally when the rot may take place... it is when the bud is most desense & the biggest which get effected... ye it sucks big time !

This happened to me.


So keep your RH in check if growing indoors !

The sad news is Botrytis that is the bad ass fungal spore which causes bud rot is present in the air 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so don't give it ideally conditions to germinate or spawn...

Another preventive treatment is Bacillus subtilis which can be used to prevent and cure bud rot a product which springs to mind is Serenade.

Ye its a friendly bacteria, how organic can you get :peace:
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