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Moldy bud?


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So I had to chop 2 white rhino plants down in their prime, because
I was quickly losing the mildew battle(white powdery shtuff), and they turned hermie anyway,
but my question is this: is it safe to smoke buds that don't appear to have mildew on them?! and is there a way to tell for surel?! since it's white rhino, I can hardly tell the difference between mold and thc =/

but I am currently drying some buds that appear to be mold-free... it's all very confusing, what should i do?! I am currently freaking out, because the pigs (herr hem) honored police force decided to shut down all the dispensaries near where i live ( in nor ca ) and, well, this looks to be the only weed i'll have for awhile other than my dwindling stash.

I cannot currently stomach throwing away all this weed, because it is just gorgeous looking and sparkly despite having balls... I read many paranoid sounding post telling me that if i inhale any spores, it will go straight to my lungs and render me dead, or something, but that sounds sketch to me... i can't stomach throwing this weed out! help me!!
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