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Moldy hash


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Hi all, can anyone please help me? I've recently received some hashish from Srinagar, it's came in many different size balls from the size of golf balls to cricket balls and all in all it's a very refreshing smoke. However the problem i have is that when you leave a piece for a few days it forms a kind off white mold all over it, can anybody tell me what this is or how i'll get ride of it?

Thank you for your help.


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you can scrape it off... if its just on the outside. if it's inside the balls of hash you're sh*t out of luck. if you are allergic to penacilin.. DO NOT SMOKE IT!

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^^sage advice. I concur fully having seen hash like that while I was in Kashmir. What are lucky man though!...Kashmiri hash is my favourite. The strongest Kashmiri I tried came from Gulmarg, just outside Srinagar.
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