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Moldy herbs? or just poor cure?


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So i snagged a bag last night and upon immediate inspection i realized it smelled off. It smelled sweet and the nugs were hard and dark. Reminded me of Canadian "beasters". When i smoked it, it tasted funny. So i went home and inspected for mold webbing but found none. What is wrong with my herb?


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I am no expert when it comes to curing.... but
I have smoked buds that had an odd flavor but the high was still good.
It could have been the soil, the cure, the plant food used..its really hard to say. a lot of factors could have come into play.


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usually "off" pot that i run into is caused by lack of flushing. leaves a harshness in the back of the throat when you smoke too much, sometimes will almost taste oily


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What Skinny said........... I have grown clones from the same plant, I flushed 1/2 and did not flush the other 1/2. I have done this a few times for my friends who claim flushing actually does something...... There is no difference in taste , smell or appearance between flushed and non flushed cannabis if grown and cured properly.

Tested by 10 long term friends, all with 30 plus years experience smoking.

A proper cure is the number 1 issue with taste and smell followed by nutes used and medium used: soil , soil-less, hydro.

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