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After 4 day fishing trip, low a behold, may I add a great trip, micro grow lost 4 plants another almost a nacho tree and 1 just might give me some sugar. Indoor grow tent tricky during summer, but the catalyst was a fried cooling fan. Light was dialed in but without that cooling fan just got a bit to toasty. Poof. 40 days into flower and shit just got to roached and not worth the time to triage. The one and only survivor might be able to rebound in a week. So SHEEEEEEEIIT over it. I'll at least have time now to prep for my Christmas med giveaway to a few less fortunate and make the most out of the moment.
Shhhhhit, Piss, Fuck ........better

Mr. Rogers

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Might sound like a dumb question but Is a micro grow different from normal photo grow because you flower it asap to start budding immediately?
No such thing as a dumb question.
Yes you are correct. I'll FIM at 4 up. If good phenos show, lowers catch up, I'll top those, give about 2 weeks to recover, then flip. More variety, less yield, smaller foot print.
Some will grow for the yield some will yield for the grow.
Plants are like children, each with their own character, each with diffetent requirements. Experiment, fail, learn.
I believe we learn more from our own mistakes than mistakes of others.
At times we have to use the best of our bad options, it's all we have at that point in time.
Journals are awesome. Trying to remember what happened is to hard to remember (now that's a t-shirt)
I remember growing in the late 70's.
What you got was shit but that shit got you high, it's all we had. Cleaning your pot in your room,on your frisbee. You put as much distance between you and your parents. Out of a nice 3 finger baggie you got about and eighth of stem and seed, but life was good.
I could go on like a book but then again sometimes the book is better than the movie.


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:rip: that's gotta suck...
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