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Hey there my 420 enthusiast it's time for another tiny tent grow. Let's get into it!

Strain: Auto Big Gun (Short Stuff Seeds)

Variety: Autoflowering, Indica/Sativa (60/40)

Grow Style: Organic, Indoor

Light: 240w LED

Grow Space: 3ft H, 2ft W, 1.5ft D

Medium: FFOF, EWC, Coco, Perlite

Nutrients: ACTs, Layers and Spikes

Water: Reverse Osmosis

Finishing Time: 60-70 days from sprout


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Sept, 25, 15

Momma Anne split, and put out her taproot. Put her in a 3.5 gallon nursery pot with moistened soil.

Sept. 27. 15 (Day 1)

Anne broke surface today, and has her first set of true leaves. Kept soil surface damp.

Sept, 28, 15 (Day 2)

Anne looking healthy, and happy. Second leaf set is coming in.

Oct, 1, 15 (Day 5)

Third set of leaves have shown up.
Soil is pretty dry, started brewing a seedling ACT (Aerated Compost Tea).

Oct, 2, 15 (Day 6)

Momma Anne was watered with 3/4 of a gallon of ACT.

Oct, 7, 15 (Day 11)

Began LST on Momma Anne. Now I know there are plenty of you who say you should just leave autos alone, but with my height, and plant limitations that isn't really an option. Plus, it's always fun to go against the norm!


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Oct, 8, 15 (Day 12)

Anne seems to like being tied up, she is turned back to the light, and there is obvious growth at the lower nodes.

Oct, 10, 15 (Day 14)

Bad News, lost half the diodes in the LED panel.

Oct, 12, 15 ( Day 16)

LED panel has been replaced, so we're back to running at full capacity, YAY!

Anne was watered with a 1/2 gallon plain RO water. Adjusted her tie downs to open the canopy more. Noticed a female flower, preflowers?


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Oct, 14, 15 (Day 18)


I was wondering if autos go through a growth spurt before full flower, cause she looks teeny tiny.


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Oct, 17, 15 (Day 21)

Made adjustments to her tie downs, tucked some leaves to get better light penetration.

Started brewing a balanced, all-purpose ACT.

Oct, 18, 15 (Day 22)

Added FFBB, Fish Fert, EWC, and CalMg to the tea. Will brew for another day.


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Oct, 19, 15 (Day 23)

Watered Momma Anne with 1 gallon ACT.


Within 5 days she put on a lot of new growth, hopefully she gets a good growth spurt soon.


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Oct, 22, 15 (Day 26)

So, it seems Momma Anne answered the whole growth spurt question. Over these last couple days she has been putting roughly an inch of growth on a night! In two nights she went from 4 to 6 inches tall. Width-wise she is over a ft. Wide, more around 14-16in. She is starting to suck water quickly, and I'll be watering her soon (look forward to pics in the next few days.).

As of now this little Big Gun bean has been a joy to grow. Very little time spent fussing over her, she doesn't eat much, and took to LST like a champ. The true test is yet to come though. Hopefully my love, and attention with a nice dose of bloom food will get her through a bountiful harvest.


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Oct, 24, 15 (Day 28)

Momma Anne was watered with 3/4 of a gallon of RO water. She has around 13 tops, and is standing at 8 inches tall.



As you can see Momma Anne is starting to crown at her tops.


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Thanks Ghana, although honestly this little beast is probably making me look good. She hasn't had any fusses to date, just a real chill gal.

I looked through your old grow, was a real beaut! Got anything new going?


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Oct,27,15 (Day 31)

Momma Anne is drinking a lot more these days, gave her a gallon of RO water with 5 drops of CalMg added. Noticed a couple little concerns with her.

Her first set of leaves have yellowed, and wilted. I'm thinking this could be cause they were getting no light. I'm trying to NOT trim ANY leaves this grow, and things are getting a little overgrown.

She also has some clawing leaves, though I believe this is due to growing in tight quarters. A lot of leaves are growing into each other, or into the tent wall. I'll be monitoring both these problems, and see if it gets worse.

Other than that everything is going well, she is still growing measuring a little over 10 inches. I did a ph reading on the soil run-off today as well it is reading at 6.4, so I shouldn't be having any lock-out issues.




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Oct,28,15 (Day 32)

Just a real quick update. Started brewing a bloom tea ( us molasses, high p bat guano, CalMg......etc. it will be brewing over the next few days with worm castings being added 24hrs before use.

Nothing is getting worse, though it's only been a day.

Lastly, adjusted her biggest tops ( I didn't wanna really mess with it, but space restriction deemed it necessary.). Didn't seem to matter she was pointed to the light in hours.


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Oct, 31,15 (Day 35)

Watered Momma Anne today with a gallon of ACT brewed for the bloom stage. While watering I noticed roots poking out the drainage holes (hope she isn't cramped.).

Buds are coming along now, and vertical growth isn't so extreme anymore. Little tricomes are appearing on the small sugar leaves. Had to tuck some more leaves, to expose some covered budsites ( it's taking a lot to not just trim some leaves!).





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Nov, 4, 15 (Day 39)

Momma Anne was watered today with a gallon of RO water. Also tested ph on the run-off, it read pretty high at 7.0. I'll be giving her just plain water until the ph comes down. Probably cut down on feedings until she uses up the available nutrients she has. I'll keep an eye on her so she doesn't become deficient.


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Nov,7,15 (Day 42)

Momma Anne was given 1gallon of RO water, nothing really new. Her buds are looking deliciously gorgeous, but still a long way away.

I also managed to finally get my hands on some nice natural shredded bark mulch, so she also got her pot mulched.


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Nov,11,15 (Day 46)

Here we are at day 46, and Momma Anne is shaping up to possibly be my biggest yield yet! Ph still seems a bit high, but I haven't seen any adverse effect. Haven't fed her anything, only plain RO water. Hoping to start to bring the nitrogen levels down.



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Nov, 15, 15 (Day 50)

We're coming to the end of the road with Momma Anne. Day 50! Her buds are looking fatter each day. Orange hairs are appearing, and there is a good ratio of clear and milky tricomes. Only a few amber ones. I'm thinking she has roughly 2 weeks till chop.

She was watered today with 1-1/4 gallon of RO water with 1/4tsp of Blackstrap molasses.



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64 days from seed? What sort of yield are you expecting from this auto flower? Very interesting.. I will be around 52 days just in veg.. Then longer in flower, you will get 2 crops in that time!

Is the weed still as strong and taste good etc?


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64 days from seed? What sort of yield are you expecting from this auto flower? Very interesting.. I will be around 52 days just in veg.. Then longer in flower, you will get 2 crops in that time!

Is the weed still as strong and taste good etc?

You know Walrus I wish I had more answers for you, but this is my first ever auto. My other grows have been Photo, and my next will be photo as well. Anne turned out to be a beautiful freebie bean. As far as yield I'm expecting well over an ounce dry (keep in mind she is 11inches high.), she is really shaping up to be my heaviest yielder yet! Super easy going, she doesn't need to eat much to go far. If you ever think about trying autos I would say go for it!

As far as strength/taste I can't tell you yet, but I'll get a smoke report up when this is all done. From the look of her frosty leaves though, I think it's gonna be gooood:drool:
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