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Momma's Kitchen Serving: Green Gelato, Sex Wax, Alaskan Purple, Red Afro & Kalashnikov

Amy Gardner

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I so admire (and envy) your capacity to grow lots of plants at once. Looking great from starters to finishers!

I bake with what isn't popular. I never thought of oil for the bath. How do you like it? How do you make yours?

Sorry it’s been so long to come back to that... my topical oils are just infused oils, using a blend of almond oil, pumpkinseed oil and grape seed oil. I blend CBD and THC varieties. I have a topical oil link in my sig - which needs updating with some of the collective experience that’s enhanced many of our methods since.

Regardless, many different versions of it work for various kinds of pain and it makes a lovely bath oil. I experience a lot of pain, nerve pain, deep ache, chronic, acute, and a bath in mg salts plus my canna oil and my body feels next to normal for a good few hours after.

Hope you’re doing well Momma!

The Celt

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@Momma’s Kitchen, every time I see you post pics of Sex Wax, it makes me think of a past experience that could only be described as “Spicey”

Momma’s Kitchen

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Haha @The Celt!

You go there, my mind goes somewhere else:19:

Then everything I write after "Sex Wax" seems .... well to make me wanna blush. Have you ever notice that with journaling? Maybe it's just my squeaky clean mind.

Hope you all had a great weekend :love:
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