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Mono Grows Again


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High All

Time for another journal. :cool:

I'm not long back from a month long trip with the wife and kids visiting family in Canada, so the grow room is a little bit up in the air at the moment...

I'm running two 4ft x 4ft grow tents. Tent #1 for veg is running a mars hydro LED on 18/6. Tent #2 is for flowering and running an air-cooled 600 watt HPS on 12/12.

All the plants in the veg tent are growing in the usual coco except the two autos popped in the corner, but somewhat annoyingly the three plants currently flowering are growing in large pots of soil. They were left outside to veg while we were away, so it made sense to put them straight into flowering when we got back.

Some pics to get the ball rolling...

Veg Tent; Auto Critical hog down the right hand side, and a various selection of strains in various stages of growth at the moment. I'm currently setting things back up for a perpetual cycle with only two or three large plants, but still undecided on which plants to keep. Once the flowering tent gets closer to harvest I will start cloning the stronger plants and do some pheno hunting.


Flowering tent; Rear Left is MOB from TH Seeds, Rear Right is French cookies from TH Seeds, Front left is Critical Hog from TH Seeds and front right is another Critical Hog from TH Seeds but in coco.

French Cookies





Plant of the Month: July 2016 - Nug of the Month: Nov 2016 - Photo of the Month: Aug 2018
hey, just searched your name to re-read the one plant, one 600w.. one kilo journals in hopes of mining said journal for ways in which I can increase my own yields and came across this new journal you've started.. I'm subbing if you dont mind :)
Hope the old journals have some information you can make use of bud! I've got a strawberry glue from TH seeds I'm growing at the moment, it's shaping up to be another one plant grow! Welcome along for the ride matey!


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A little look at the flowering tent this evening, not much to report, early days. Waiting on coco being delivered so I can do some transplanting in the veg tent and get down to some training.

In all honesty I will be glad to see the back of them, growing in soil is rather boring and slow compared to coco.







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I went back through looking for info on how you use pk 13/14, but couldnt find what i was looking... I remember once reading you give the plant shots of pk, as opposed to using it throughout flower. Can you give some more info? what brand you use, how much, and the timing and reasoning behind that idea? :)
I generally use PK 13/14 rather sparingly through flowering, I’m not really convinced it makes much difference if your growing in an almost perfect environment.

I use the base nutrients from canna. Mainly just coco A and coco B throughout the grow. There is already quite a high PK rating in the nutrients, and feeding to runoff every day at 1/3rd strength seems to provide enough overall nutrients for efficient flowering growth.

Once things get to the fourth week of flowering I will usually hit them with a dose of PK 13/14 along side the base nutrients, again usually 1/3rd of the recommended dosage on the bottle. Then back to only base nutrients for a week or so, and if there is no signs of nutrient burn (very small yellowing at the leaf tips) then they get another dose again.

I don’t generally use bloom boosters such as pk 13/14 after the sixth week of flowering on an indica dominant hybrid as it seems to make it harder to flush clean in the last week, and if the buds are not established by that point then there isn’t really much that can be done.

Basically I find that the base nutrients provide a balanced feed for the plant(s) that produces a healthy crop providing all other aspects of the grow are dialled in 100%.

Hope that helps bud.


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Coco finally arrived, so it was transplant day today. Everything other than the auto went up a pot size, the M.O.B from TH seeds went from a 20 litre pot upto a 30 litre fabric pot. This will be her final pot before flowering in the next 10-12 weeks, I’m going to train her slowly and have another bash at pulling 1kg dry from one plant under a 600 watt HPS.


Bud production is picking up pace in the flowering tent. I’ll get some pics up at lights on, until then a couple under flash.




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She’s not much of a looker at the moment, but give a big hello to Strawberry Glue from the breeder TH seeds.

I’ve decided to give the challenge I set myself of yielding 1kg dry from one plant under a 600 watt hps a really good go over the winter time. I’m going to vegetatively grow this plant until Christmas Day, before flipping her to 12/12 with a proposed harvest in the middle of March 2019. That gives her a solid six months of vegetative growth...



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Slight, well major, change of plan in the flowering tent this evening. French cookies decided to throw out a nice nanner at every single bud site.

In all honesty I’m not surprised that she went hermie on me given she was put outside in Scotland early March as a seedling and left to her own devices while we were abroad. The other two (critical hog and mother of berries) so far seem to be okay.

Anyway, down she came, and the mediocre undeveloped buds will be added to the trim bag to make edibles.

While I was in the tent I cleared a lot of the lower growth from the other two big plants and gave them a light defoliation on the upper branches. They also got their very first feed (all be it with coco nutrients).

I added in a drain tray and three plants from the vegetative tent to make up for the lost space.

Fingers crossed I caught her in time and she hasn’t pollinated the other two plants


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I'm joining this thread!

Damn there is so much to learn on here! I love to see other people growing and to see them succeed with plants and stuff! So, after reading through this journey so far I've seen that you use Canna coco A and B, I use Canna too but then the Bio range plus all the Bio additives. So do you use other additives too?

I had my experience with Canna Boost with the regular Canna Terra range and it worked quiete well for me. I also have the Green Planet nutrient range plus all the additives, now I don't know if that's a dumb idea or a smart idea but I had a big budget to experiment with so that's why I like to do that! So far it's fun and it works pretty good too! Not everyone has a big budget when it comes to growing, Canna Boost for example is already damn expensive...
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