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Mono Silicic Acid - Power Si or Super Si


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Hey guys, what's up?

I am thinking about hitting up my next run with a new product, either Power Si or Super Si. I've noticed alot of growers on instagram blowing up Power Si, seems to be the new thing people are adding out there. I've done some research and its seems to be an available form of silicon, they claim it makes your plants stronger, branches thicker and nodes tighter, they recon it can stunt the plant growth if you experience stretch as well. Keen to hear if anyone has any info or has used these products before - your feedback would be great and help me make my decision.

Power SI - Silicic Acid – powersi

SuperSi | Scientifically Advanced Silicon


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this looks a bit alarming to me ... I looked the company up in the Netherlands .. at the first look it apears I can't actually find it , yet they claim they do research&production here but I can't find a retailer or their product on the market.

I bet I could sell left over feet wash bottled very nicely for some sort of humic acid
It was used in my last grow and unfortunately it was the worst quality batch in 5 years. There were other extenuating factors. The stuff is incredibly expensive and did not seem to be an improvement over the standard GH product(Armour Si ?). Some of the best quality results I ever achieved were with the simple 3 part GH nutrients with just a few of their additives. I will not purchase Power Si again- nothing personal, simply lack of results.
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