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Monster just keeps getting taller -what to do?


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Hi Guys, I am growing this little monster here, she is in week 5 of flowering and is now 1.6 metres tall (!). she has flowers all over, but I am concerned that the main stem is just not stopping to grow, she is getting taller and taller on the main stem only, and that means that I have to move the light up and up, further away from the other branches (of which there are about 20 with buds on it). She should have stopped growing by now, but just keeps going.

I dont know what to do with it, because the more she shoots up the less light the branches will receive, and on the main stem there are buds but not that terribly many.

I use Canna Flores at 2.0 EC in a Autoflow pot setup, very little PK13/14, a fair bit of Canna Boost and Cannazym. Pretty much as recommended. I knew it would be a tall plant from the description of the seed strain (Northern Lights X Haze), but I am really concerned my yield will be quite low because the distance of the light source (600W HPS) is now almost 60 cm to the branches, and it keeps getting bigger.

I would be grateful for your suggestions.



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Re: Monster just keeps getting taller .... what to do ??

i would be tempted to top her to be honest , she is sucking a lot of energy up there, id clone the top though and try get two separate yields , see if it keeps flowering as a clone just my idea , might not work but then it might ,
at least this bumps your post up :)


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Re: Monster just keeps getting taller .... what to do ??

Hi Paddysmoke I have been playing with that thought as well, cut her down but I am really concerned she might just die by this massive invasive surgery. She is my only baby right now and I pretty much rely on her getting me through the coming winter..... do you have an opinion about the chances she will survive this sort of major topping operation ? Where would you perform surgery ? All teh way down at branch level or a bit up from that ? Many thanks for your reply !!


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If you leave it like that you will have a much lower yield, you are wasting your best light on one bud. Bend it over, tie it down, and then lower the light. Even if the branch breaks off completely, you will yield more without that top.


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