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Montana Doctor?


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My wife and I are looking for an understanding and compassionate doctor to work with in Montana. I am a current patient (Chronic Asthma Sufferer).

I have an older friend who is in great pain and uses marijauna illegally. I encouraged her to talk to her doctor about writing a recomendation for her to use medical marijauna. Her doctor refuses to hear anything about the subject and refuses to listen to her pleas. I told her to find another doctor and she said "No, I have been seeing this doctor for over 15 years and he knows everyhting about me."

I guess it is a comfort zone thing, which is understandble because she is deaf and doesnt want to go through all of "it" again with another doctor. So I am looking for a doctor that is possibly open to helping my friend become a legal mmj patient.

Thanks and Bless all!



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Doctor visits are available online, 7 days per week, from anywhere. Like house calls, only on the internet. We have certified 80% of Montana in this way. Please call (406) 207-7078. Montana Caregivers Network - 100% non-profit.

I remember when I could'nt find a Doctor a few years ago. So I started a company and made it easy for people like me, in pain, to get relief, easy and fast. Sliding scale, medical records not required, walk ins accepted without an appointment.
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