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Montana House Votes To Repeal Medical Marijuana Law

Jim Finnel

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The Montana House of Representatives voted 63-37 Thursday to repeal the state's six-year-old medical marijuana law.

House Speaker Mike Milburn has argued Montana was "duped" into passing the act.

According to CNN Great Falls affiliate KRTV, Milburn said many of the people who have been approved for medical marijuana "aren't the terminally ill."

Milburn has said the medical marijuana law led to an abundance of the drug and an illegal trade, Helena affiliate KTVH said.

The measure, overwhelmingly passed as a voter initiative in 2004, allows people with debilitating or terminal illnesses to use medical marijuana to treat pain and other chronic symptoms.

Democrats who oppose the repeal measure argue that lawmakers should instead heavily regulate the industry and leave it to voters whether to repeal their own initiative, according to KTVH.

"A great majority of these people are honest people and they are using it because they're in a great deal of pain, they need medical cannabis," said Democratic Rep. Tim Furey.

The measure must pass a third reading in the House before it can be sent to the Senate.

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Suffering isnt good enough eh? You have to be on your death bed to get legal cannabis for this asshole, and that's being eliminated?

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Ok, hmm. Let's state a few points here. First off, this one..
"House Speaker Mike Milburn has argued Montana was "duped" into passing the act"
Ok, if the People of Montana were duped, then hold another vote jerkwad. Don't just repeal something that the majority of voters passed. In a landslide no less.
I mean come on. If a voter approved Bill can just be overturned by a HANDFUL of Senators, then what's the dang point of voting??? That leaves the "will of the people" hanging to dry in the wind. Totally. It defies reason even. So 63% of Montana citizens voted yes to mmj. Cool. Yet less than 1% of their population, i.e. the Senators/Reps supporting this Bill, don't agree with it. So they repealed it. How does that make any frakkin sense???
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To penetrate this cabal, find the lobbyists that support the Montana politicians voting against the will of the citizenry at opensecrets.com. There you will find the power behind the throne on the congressional vote to repeal, to the extent that these legal bribes have been discovered.

The concerns of the corporations and the politicians are so collusively intertwined as to be practically non-existent.


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This is why I cant stand Politicians. They say "Vote for me and your voice will be heard". Then they ignore the people. Typical, have the politicians in Montana been watching whats going down in Egypt? Perhaps they should respect the people that voted for the measure. :Namaste:

And I agree, Egypt should be a lesson for all of us. Those in power for what to fear and the rest of us on how to move forward in the face of an incalcitrant oppressor.



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Just more proof that this isn't your country, its the elites that know whats best for you. Be sure and pay attention next election cycle to whoever is voting on this and be sure to reciprocate.
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