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Montana Lawmakers Finalized Language In Therapeutic Marijuana Act


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Lawmakers finalized language in the Therapeutic Marijuana Act Tuesday afternoon.

Here are some highlights from Senate Bill 423 as amended:

1. The law repeals the current Medical Marijuana Act.

2. Lawmakers specified a list of debilitating medical conditions which qualify for a medical marijuana card.

3. They defined a standard of care that doctors must comply with to issue a card. The bill now prohibits telemedicine.

4. Lawmakers placed regulatory authority with the Department of Health.

5. The committee limited the number of plants a cardholder can have to 4 mature plants, 12 seedlings and 1 oz of usable marijuana per patient.

6. The bipartisan committee decided to allow providers to grow marijuana for up to three patients.

7. The amended bill defines chronic pain and forces a patient to either have proof of pain or have 2 doctors certify a chronic pain patient.

8. The bill also allows patients to reimburse their provider for registration fees. The bill prohibits patients from paying cash for their medical marijuana. Providers must volunteer to grow the plant.

The bill now heads to the House and Senate floors for final votes on the amendments.

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