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Montana Lawmakers Look to Fill Blanks in Medical Marijuana Law

Jim Finnel

Fallen Cannabis Warrior & Ex News Moderator
A Montana medical-marijuana law approved after a 2004 voter initiative has some significant holes that state lawmakers are now trying to fill in, such as how municipalities can control sales and use of the drug and whether patients must notify employers that they are using the drug medically.

The Great Falls Tribune reported April 25 that the law as passed was only six pages long, the product of an intentional decision to keep the measure simple and avoid legal entanglements. However, there are now 12,000 medical-marijuana users in the state and a growing number of caregivers, compelling legislators to seek stronger regulations.

A legislative committee is now taking public testimony and holding panel discussions to answer questions regarding zoning, licensing, the relationships between state and federal drug laws, sales of marijuana in drug-free school zones, and more.

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