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Monthly Subscription for Pipes & Accessories....

Helen Frank

New Member
I recently signed up for a service called Thrift Pipe. It's a monthly subscription for a smoker's needs. It was $25, and I was guaranteed a high quality glass pipe & 5 accessories. I figured I would just try it for one month and unsubscribe, but this package literally blew me away. After work one day I get home and see my package sitting on my door step. I rip it open like a kid opening presents on Christmas morning. I got the nicest bubbler I've ever had, a pack of elements rolling papers, some screens, a smell-proof bag, 2 green containers (like the orange medicine prescription ones), a little roll of hemp wick, & a really nice sized grinder. Now I feel like I've been getting ripped off by my local indian smoke shop for years buying pipes for $45 that aren't as nice as this one.

Does anyone know how they get such quality pieces for so cheap?
And has anyone ever heard of this company before? I feel like it is an untapped gold mine..
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