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Mood Disorders for Newbies


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:nomo: Okay... I'll intro myself and see if anybody wants to chime in.

I'm BW, aka RedSky, and I have Bipolar Disorder (BD). I was diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) at age 7, and BD at age 27. I am 34 now and I'm a dude.

This thread is specifically for people who are new to treating their mood disorder with Cannabis. I'm here to learn, get the conversation going, and share if I feel I can.

I know it's possible to treat mood disorders because I've heard a lot of success stories. And I know the science shows success (or probability) as well.

My thoughts on this run wide and deep, and I'm hoping for active participation from all who think they have something to pass on.

Also, I'm a pretty wide open person, so ask me anything, and I encourage all who read this to try and be honest. And btw, "crazy" is just a term in the dictionary.

So, who's had successes they'd like to share about? Who's had failures? What are you doing now?

BW aka RedSky

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